7 Unique Ideas To Organize Your Garage

cars-923455_960_720The garage is our go-to place for storing just about anything. Everything that you need, don’t need, might need, will need in a few years, finds a space in the garage. The problem is that the things we hoard are the first things we throw out after a few years. Though many keep their garage clean and organised as they work in the garage very frequently, a large majority of people have have trouble keeping all things organized.

Here are 7 unique ideas to keep your garage organized at all times:

1) Hang Them Up

Have bicycles and kids scooters lying around waiting to trip you when you are rushing out to your car? Keep them off the floor by hanging them up on the wall. Get a bicycle stand or rods fixed on the wall in such a way that you can hang the bicycle on it by the front tyre (like in your trains and buses). Now your floor is kept clean and the risk of you tripping and falling is also reduced.

When you fix this stand, ensure the bicycle will not be too far off the ground when mounted onto the wall, as it will become difficult for the kids to lift it up and get them on the ground. You can even fix pipes to hang the garden hose and other tubes that would otherwise be a tangled mess on the floor.

2) A Place For Every Tool

tools-986481_960_720If you are a person who has too many tools in the garage and use them regularly, you would have noticed the tools tend to mixed up and placed elsewhere or the way you organised them gets disturbed after every use. It is not practical to keep organising them after every use. Instead give each tool a designated place.

When you hang them on the tools board mounted on the wall, draw an outline for each of the tool. Now remove one by one and paint inside the outlines. This will leave you with the shapes of the tools on your board. Now you or anyone can always put the tools back in their place.


3) Use Hooks

Affix sturdy heavy duty garden hooks on the wall. Now you can hang your garden tools on them and avoid getting everything messed up and dirtied. Since they are within easy reach, you save a lot of time.

You can even hang old pen stands and store your gardening gloves or other small items like scissors, brushes, etc, in them, for quick access. These can be nailed to the wall or get a peg board to avoid drilling too many holes into your walls.

4) Magnetize

Fix a bar of strong magnet on your work bench, the table or even the wall (just ensure it is protruding from the wall and doesn’t lay flat). Now you can just place your tools on the magnetic bar. They will stay stuck in place until you pry them off. No more hunting through your multiple boxes to find the right tool.

5) Fix Those Boxes

Everyone will have their screws and nails segregated into different boxes. The more organised ones even have different boxes for different size. But what we don’t expect is to lose the whole box just when we need it. These boxes are small and get misplaced easily.

To avoid losing all your screws or nails together, nail or screw the lid of the box to a wooden platform above eye level. Now your screws and nails are easily visible and all you have to do is unscrew the box and screw it back once done.

6) Use The Space Above Your Head

Garage is one place that keeps getting filled up faster than you can clean it out. Get yourself some garage racks to utilize the space above your head. You can store items that are not used regularly. Just ensure you can reach for the items in these shelves, this makes it very convenient to store and retrieve items

7) Screwdrivers In Place

Have a lot of screw drives of various sizes? Get yourself a thick thermocol and fix it on your garage wall. Now you can just insert your screwdrivers into the board and have easy access. Just pull out the screwdriver and put it back in as and when you are done. It needn’t even be in the same hole.

Use these unique ideas and enjoy a more organised garage!