8 Tips To Make Your Room Look Bigger

file5351253071753Have you ever walked into your neighbour’s room and wondered how they have more space than you? When in fact, both your rooms are of the same dimensions? A room can be made to look smaller or bigger in no time. All it takes is some fresh ideas and rearrangement.

Stuck with a small room but want to make it look bigger? Worry no more. Here are a few simple tricks to make your room look bigger.

  1. Paint Light

Use light hues to paint your walls. Use a single colour through out to give the illusion of a big room. If you use different colours, it breaks up your room, thus making it look smaller.file7551347375723

  1. Pattern

Choose patterned wall paper or paint for your ceiling. When your ceiling has some design and is not left plain, it attracts attention and also makes the room look taller.

Use a rug with stripes. Ensure the stripes are placed vertically, to make your room look longer. Choose a simple double coloured stripes rather than multi colours, as it will make your room look cluttered

  1. Clutter Free

Free your room off clutter. Use furniture with storage space, to store all your knick knacks. Storing away your coasters, tissues, remotes, etc will keep the tables clean and give an illusion of more space. Also, when you have everything at arm’s reach, the illusion projected is, everything is in the room but there is no clutter, hence lot of space.

  1. Lighting

Lights can play a lot of tricks with the mind. Use bright lights either hanging low from the ceiling or use lamps of various heights. When there are no lights on your walls to show the limit or extent of the wall, it makes your room look bigger.

  1. Furniture Placement

Arrange your furniture away from the walls. When the furniture is stuck to the wall, though you will have more floor space, it makes the room look cluttered to the eyes. It shows the room is occupied to its fullest capacity. When there is space between the furniture and the wall, it makes the room look more spacious. You can make small shelves, low in height, which can fit in these gaps. This way, you can utilize the space but it will not be visible at first sight.

  1. Upholstery

Though there are a variety of curtains you can use to make your room look nice and elegant, curtains always occupy space. They also make the place look a little congested. Don’t use curtains and leave your windows free. There will be more light and space. If there is too much sun, use blinds rather than curtains.

  1. Furniture With Legs

Always use furniture with visible legs. Be it your couch or your table, when the legs are visible and there is space underneath, it makes the room look more spacious. Also, cleaning is a lot easier.

  1. Rugs

Use multiple small rugs rather than a big rug if your furniture is placed in angles, around the room. Have a separate rug for each of the furniture set. I believe grey contemporary rugs make your home feel uncluttered. This will break up the single space into multiple smaller spaces, thus making the room look bigger and copier.

There you have it, 8 simple ideas to make your room bigger. Use one or all to create a space that’s comfortable for you.