shops-1026418_960_720Keeping a home tidy at all times is no joke. For those with little kids running around, it is quite a challenge. It is very easy to just let go and sit in a pile of things and put away the cleaning for another day. After all you have had a long day and this cleaning can wait unless you expect some guests.

Then comes the cleaning day and you are wondering how you managed to accumulate so much stuff and don’t quite remember what was kept where. Instead of living in a messy house and having a cleaning marathon, follow these simple tips to ensure your house is clean and organised at all times.

Coffee table

Organization should be a priority because it enables you to become more efficient. Keep your coffee table free of clutter at all times. It is quite natural to dump everything on this table and sink into your couch after a long day. Instead, ensure you put all your things in its place. Even if you do end up putting things on this table, make it a habit to clean it before you go to bed. Never leave it for the next morning.


Get an attractive key holder that can be mounted on the wall. This will ensure your keys are in a single place and at eye level, rather than on the table. When you want to double check if you have the keys, all you have to do is look up. No more searching for them through a pile of papers and other things.


Never leave your coats on the back of your chair. Yes the back of your chair is free and it is very tempting to just throw or drape your coat over the back of the chair. Instead get hooks fixed at the back of your main door and hang your coats and scarves the minute you enter the house. Now your house is tidy and your coats are at hand’s reach when you rush out.


Even though snail mail is on the wane – some important documents are still delivered to our door via the mail man. This is why bills are often forgotten about or lost. Get a mail sorter with at least two compartments or use a big tray with a piece of cardboard as a divider. Put your mails on one side and bills on the other. Do this as soon as you receive the mails. This will ensure your bills don’t get misplaced and you can make your payments on time. Once the bill is paid or the event is attended, throw away the invites and the bills. If you need the bills for your future references, put them in a folder kept in a draw in the same table or you can even place the folder right below the mail tray.

Kitchen Counters

When you cook and eat, dishes get piled up and it is quite natural to want to relax after a meal. Clean your counter tops as you go. Even when you are cooking, keep a cloth handy and wipe away spills and stains as and when you see them. When you are cooking, you are bound to have a few minutes when the food is cooking on the stove. Use this time to clean.

All it takes is to do small things regularly. Make things a habit and your house will stay clean out of habit.