How To Increase Your Storage Space

No matter how much storage space you have around you, it is never enough. Be it your work station or your house, we always craves for some extra space to keep things more organised, and life easier. When getting an extra closet or a room is not an option, you can increase your storage space by utilizing the available place, better.

Here are a few ways to help you get that extra space.

Under The Bed

13931903466b6taUse the space under your bed by building in compartments. Now you have an organised space for everything. Dedicate each compartment for each of your things (books, jackets, bags, etc). Ensure you put your things back in its designated compartment only, to avoid chaos.

If building is not an option, get closed storage boxes in different colours. Keep each group of items in a different coloured box, so that you don’t have to pull them all out when you are in a hurry. Always ensure to zip them and push it back under your bed, no matter how fast you need to rush out. This will save you from tripping when you get back home.

Behind The Door

  • Coats & Umbrellas – Install hooks behind every door, to hang coats, towels, etc. Now you have extra space to hang all your coats and even your visitors’. You can even hang umbrellas.
  • Shoes – Hang shoes that are not used very frequently. Tie the shoe lace of both your shoes to each other and hang them off the hook behind your door.

This is a great video on a DIY door hanger:

On The wall

  • Keys – Instead of putting your keys in a dish on the table, get a key stand that can be mounted on the wall. Now your table is free as there will no keys thrown on the table and your keys will be in plain sight.
  • Books – Get an attractive book shelf or a wooden rack and fix it on your wall. You can organise your books in a pattern and place photo frames on top. This will give you extra space and double up as an interesting decor.
  • Spice rack – nail your spice rack on your kitchen wall. Not only will your spices be within reach as you cook, you can free up some space in the cabinet or the counter, where they usually sit.

Inside Your Cupboard

  • Install hooks on the back wall of your cupboard and the doors. Hang you scarves, belts, even your chains from these hooks. Now your things are sorted and you have extra closet space.
  • If you don’t have a rod for hangers in your closet, get one right away. Hang your clothes; it occupies lesser space than neatly folded clothes. When hung, you can browse through your wardrobe and select your attire faster and there is no risk of crumpling or falling to the ground when you pull out something from the bottom.
  • Get a single box with multiple compartments for your watches. This saves more space than having them in individual boxes, to avoid scratches. It is easier to store and organise too. Open the box and you will know which batteries need to be changed.

Storage space is the one thing that we never get enough of, or so it seems. Organizing is the key to make sure you get the maximum space out of your home.