Tips And Tricks To Keep Those Garage Cabinets Clean

car-repair-362150_960_720Your garage is filled with things you may never need or don’t use very regularly. Also, there are thing that will be used on a regular basis. In both cases, the garage cabinets tend to get dirty as time goes by. How to keep those cabinets clean? Keeping them organised is one thing and keeping them clean is a whole different scenario.

Here are some tips and tricks to ensure you have clean garage cabinets at least most of the time:

  1. Dust regularly

Though this may seem like an impossible task, dusting the cabinets regularly will keep the dust and cobwebs at bay. Keep a duster or a bunch of waste cloths nearby. Every time you reach into those cabinets to retrieve something, take note of how dirty the cabinet is. A simple dusting on a regular basis will ensure your place is always clean and welcoming.

  1. Scrub It Up

Garage cabinets tend to get dirty very easily, thanks to all the work performed on vehicles in the garage. Use a wash cloth or a sponge, dipped in soap water or a solution like pine sol to scrub the cabinets. This solution will help get rid of unwanted hand marks caused by the oil, etc.

If the cabinets are greasy, get a degreaser, as soap and water can’t do the trick. Once you are done cleaning, use a dry tissue to wipe off any residuals. Leaving water or soap on your cabinets will ruin the wood and leave water marks.

Use Oil Soap

Oil soap can clean any dirt or grime that has been refusing to come off. You can either use it straight from the bottle, by wetting a part of the wash cloth and wiping the grime or dilute it and spray it on the dirtied areas. If your cabinets are painted, do not risk using the oil soap in its concentrated form. Dilute it and keep you cabinets safe and clean.

  1. Clean As You Go

cleaning-268126_960_720When you realise you have got some grease or paint on your garage cabinets, clean it off immediately. Procrastinating will allow the stain to set in and make it much harder to get rid of it. Though cleaning as you go requires a lot of patience and time, as not many have the time to clean up after spending hours in the garage, working on something.


  1. Lemon Is Your Friend

Lemon is acidic in nature and also a great stain remover. Jus rub a lemon cut into half, on all the stains caused by touching the surface with dirty hands. The dirt will come right off and leave the cabinet looking and smelling fresh.

  1. Use Gloves

If you going to paint or get under your car to fix something, you are bound to get some oil or grease on you. Though a little complicated, try using gloves when you know your hands are going to get dirty. This will prevent the cabinets from getting soiled.

  1. Keep Your Handle Clean

The handles of the doors and draws are what get dirties very quickly. Keep some diluted soap solution and a wash cloth at hand. When you see any dirty handle, just use the solution and clean off the area in few minutes.

  1. Store Wisely

If your garage cabinets are multi coloured or light coloured, get the bottom row painted in black or any dark shade. Use these cabinets to store items that will dirty your hands when you touch them, like gardening tools, paints, etc. This way, even if you get the shelves dirtied, they are at the bottom and not visible to others.

  1. Wash

Always remember to wash your hands and also the tools used if you have been working in the garden or underneath your car. When your hands are clean, the chances of the cabinets getting dirty are less.

  1. Brush Away The Dirt

Use an old tooth brush to get into tiny grooves and gaps to clean away the dirt and grime. You can even use tooth brushes to clean your tools. The bristles will get into all the corners and clean it up thoroughly.

Now that you know how to keep the garage clean, put these ideas into action and see the positive results yourself. When the garage is clean, it encourages you to spend more time on carpentering or mechanical work. A clean environment promotes interest and focus.