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How To Keep Your Home Tidy

shops-1026418_960_720Keeping a home tidy at all times is no joke. For those with little kids running around, it is quite a challenge. It is very easy to just let go and sit in a pile of things and put away the cleaning for another day. After all you have had a long day and this cleaning can wait unless you expect some guests.

Then comes the cleaning day and you are wondering how you managed to accumulate so much stuff and don’t quite remember what was kept where. Instead of living in a messy house and having a cleaning marathon, follow these simple tips to ensure your house is clean and organised at all times.

Coffee table

Organization should be a priority because it enables you to become more efficient. Keep your coffee table free of clutter at all times. It is quite natural to dump everything on this table and sink into your couch after a long day. Instead, ensure you put all your things in its place. Even if you do end up putting things on this table, make it a habit to clean it before you go to bed. Never leave it for the next morning.


Get an attractive key holder that can be mounted on the wall. This will ensure your keys are in a single place and at eye level, rather than on the table. When you want to double check if you have the keys, all you have to do is look up. No more searching for them through a pile of papers and other things.


Never leave your coats on the back of your chair. Yes the back of your chair is free and it is very tempting to just throw or drape your coat over the back of the chair. Instead get hooks fixed at the back of your main door and hang your coats and scarves the minute you enter the house. Now your house is tidy and your coats are at hand’s reach when you rush out.


Even though snail mail is on the wane – some important documents are still delivered to our door via the mail man. This is why bills are often forgotten about or lost. Get a mail sorter with at least two compartments or use a big tray with a piece of cardboard as a divider. Put your mails on one side and bills on the other. Do this as soon as you receive the mails. This will ensure your bills don’t get misplaced and you can make your payments on time. Once the bill is paid or the event is attended, throw away the invites and the bills. If you need the bills for your future references, put them in a folder kept in a draw in the same table or you can even place the folder right below the mail tray.

Kitchen Counters

When you cook and eat, dishes get piled up and it is quite natural to want to relax after a meal. Clean your counter tops as you go. Even when you are cooking, keep a cloth handy and wipe away spills and stains as and when you see them. When you are cooking, you are bound to have a few minutes when the food is cooking on the stove. Use this time to clean.

All it takes is to do small things regularly. Make things a habit and your house will stay clean out of habit.

7 Unique Ideas To Organize Your Garage

cars-923455_960_720The garage is our go-to place for storing just about anything. Everything that you need, don’t need, might need, will need in a few years, finds a space in the garage. The problem is that the things we hoard are the first things we throw out after a few years. Though many keep their garage clean and organised as they work in the garage very frequently, a large majority of people have have trouble keeping all things organized.

Here are 7 unique ideas to keep your garage organized at all times:

1) Hang Them Up

Have bicycles and kids scooters lying around waiting to trip you when you are rushing out to your car? Keep them off the floor by hanging them up on the wall. Get a bicycle stand or rods fixed on the wall in such a way that you can hang the bicycle on it by the front tyre (like in your trains and buses). Now your floor is kept clean and the risk of you tripping and falling is also reduced.

When you fix this stand, ensure the bicycle will not be too far off the ground when mounted onto the wall, as it will become difficult for the kids to lift it up and get them on the ground. You can even fix pipes to hang the garden hose and other tubes that would otherwise be a tangled mess on the floor.

2) A Place For Every Tool

tools-986481_960_720If you are a person who has too many tools in the garage and use them regularly, you would have noticed the tools tend to mixed up and placed elsewhere or the way you organised them gets disturbed after every use. It is not practical to keep organising them after every use. Instead give each tool a designated place.

When you hang them on the tools board mounted on the wall, draw an outline for each of the tool. Now remove one by one and paint inside the outlines. This will leave you with the shapes of the tools on your board. Now you or anyone can always put the tools back in their place.


3) Use Hooks

Affix sturdy heavy duty garden hooks on the wall. Now you can hang your garden tools on them and avoid getting everything messed up and dirtied. Since they are within easy reach, you save a lot of time.

You can even hang old pen stands and store your gardening gloves or other small items like scissors, brushes, etc, in them, for quick access. These can be nailed to the wall or get a peg board to avoid drilling too many holes into your walls.

4) Magnetize

Fix a bar of strong magnet on your work bench, the table or even the wall (just ensure it is protruding from the wall and doesn’t lay flat). Now you can just place your tools on the magnetic bar. They will stay stuck in place until you pry them off. No more hunting through your multiple boxes to find the right tool.

5) Fix Those Boxes

Everyone will have their screws and nails segregated into different boxes. The more organised ones even have different boxes for different size. But what we don’t expect is to lose the whole box just when we need it. These boxes are small and get misplaced easily.

To avoid losing all your screws or nails together, nail or screw the lid of the box to a wooden platform above eye level. Now your screws and nails are easily visible and all you have to do is unscrew the box and screw it back once done.

6) Use The Space Above Your Head

Garage is one place that keeps getting filled up faster than you can clean it out. Get yourself some garage racks to utilize the space above your head. You can store items that are not used regularly. Just ensure you can reach for the items in these shelves, this makes it very convenient to store and retrieve items

7) Screwdrivers In Place

Have a lot of screw drives of various sizes? Get yourself a thick thermocol and fix it on your garage wall. Now you can just insert your screwdrivers into the board and have easy access. Just pull out the screwdriver and put it back in as and when you are done. It needn’t even be in the same hole.

Use these unique ideas and enjoy a more organised garage!

How To Increase Your Storage Space

No matter how much storage space you have around you, it is never enough. Be it your work station or your house, we always craves for some extra space to keep things more organised, and life easier. When getting an extra closet or a room is not an option, you can increase your storage space by utilizing the available place, better.

Here are a few ways to help you get that extra space.

Under The Bed

13931903466b6taUse the space under your bed by building in compartments. Now you have an organised space for everything. Dedicate each compartment for each of your things (books, jackets, bags, etc). Ensure you put your things back in its designated compartment only, to avoid chaos.

If building is not an option, get closed storage boxes in different colours. Keep each group of items in a different coloured box, so that you don’t have to pull them all out when you are in a hurry. Always ensure to zip them and push it back under your bed, no matter how fast you need to rush out. This will save you from tripping when you get back home.

Behind The Door

  • Coats & Umbrellas – Install hooks behind every door, to hang coats, towels, etc. Now you have extra space to hang all your coats and even your visitors’. You can even hang umbrellas.
  • Shoes – Hang shoes that are not used very frequently. Tie the shoe lace of both your shoes to each other and hang them off the hook behind your door.

This is a great video on a DIY door hanger:

On The wall

  • Keys – Instead of putting your keys in a dish on the table, get a key stand that can be mounted on the wall. Now your table is free as there will no keys thrown on the table and your keys will be in plain sight.
  • Books – Get an attractive book shelf or a wooden rack and fix it on your wall. You can organise your books in a pattern and place photo frames on top. This will give you extra space and double up as an interesting decor.
  • Spice rack – nail your spice rack on your kitchen wall. Not only will your spices be within reach as you cook, you can free up some space in the cabinet or the counter, where they usually sit.

Inside Your Cupboard

  • Install hooks on the back wall of your cupboard and the doors. Hang you scarves, belts, even your chains from these hooks. Now your things are sorted and you have extra closet space.
  • If you don’t have a rod for hangers in your closet, get one right away. Hang your clothes; it occupies lesser space than neatly folded clothes. When hung, you can browse through your wardrobe and select your attire faster and there is no risk of crumpling or falling to the ground when you pull out something from the bottom.
  • Get a single box with multiple compartments for your watches. This saves more space than having them in individual boxes, to avoid scratches. It is easier to store and organise too. Open the box and you will know which batteries need to be changed.

Storage space is the one thing that we never get enough of, or so it seems. Organizing is the key to make sure you get the maximum space out of your home.

Tips And Tricks To Keep Those Garage Cabinets Clean

car-repair-362150_960_720Your garage is filled with things you may never need or don’t use very regularly. Also, there are thing that will be used on a regular basis. In both cases, the garage cabinets tend to get dirty as time goes by. How to keep those cabinets clean? Keeping them organised is one thing and keeping them clean is a whole different scenario.

Here are some tips and tricks to ensure you have clean garage cabinets at least most of the time:

  1. Dust regularly

Though this may seem like an impossible task, dusting the cabinets regularly will keep the dust and cobwebs at bay. Keep a duster or a bunch of waste cloths nearby. Every time you reach into those cabinets to retrieve something, take note of how dirty the cabinet is. A simple dusting on a regular basis will ensure your place is always clean and welcoming.

  1. Scrub It Up

Garage cabinets tend to get dirty very easily, thanks to all the work performed on vehicles in the garage. Use a wash cloth or a sponge, dipped in soap water or a solution like pine sol to scrub the cabinets. This solution will help get rid of unwanted hand marks caused by the oil, etc.

If the cabinets are greasy, get a degreaser, as soap and water can’t do the trick. Once you are done cleaning, use a dry tissue to wipe off any residuals. Leaving water or soap on your cabinets will ruin the wood and leave water marks.

Use Oil Soap

Oil soap can clean any dirt or grime that has been refusing to come off. You can either use it straight from the bottle, by wetting a part of the wash cloth and wiping the grime or dilute it and spray it on the dirtied areas. If your cabinets are painted, do not risk using the oil soap in its concentrated form. Dilute it and keep you cabinets safe and clean.

  1. Clean As You Go

cleaning-268126_960_720When you realise you have got some grease or paint on your garage cabinets, clean it off immediately. Procrastinating will allow the stain to set in and make it much harder to get rid of it. Though cleaning as you go requires a lot of patience and time, as not many have the time to clean up after spending hours in the garage, working on something.


  1. Lemon Is Your Friend

Lemon is acidic in nature and also a great stain remover. Jus rub a lemon cut into half, on all the stains caused by touching the surface with dirty hands. The dirt will come right off and leave the cabinet looking and smelling fresh.

  1. Use Gloves

If you going to paint or get under your car to fix something, you are bound to get some oil or grease on you. Though a little complicated, try using gloves when you know your hands are going to get dirty. This will prevent the cabinets from getting soiled.

  1. Keep Your Handle Clean

The handles of the doors and draws are what get dirties very quickly. Keep some diluted soap solution and a wash cloth at hand. When you see any dirty handle, just use the solution and clean off the area in few minutes.

  1. Store Wisely

If your garage cabinets are multi coloured or light coloured, get the bottom row painted in black or any dark shade. Use these cabinets to store items that will dirty your hands when you touch them, like gardening tools, paints, etc. This way, even if you get the shelves dirtied, they are at the bottom and not visible to others.

  1. Wash

Always remember to wash your hands and also the tools used if you have been working in the garden or underneath your car. When your hands are clean, the chances of the cabinets getting dirty are less.

  1. Brush Away The Dirt

Use an old tooth brush to get into tiny grooves and gaps to clean away the dirt and grime. You can even use tooth brushes to clean your tools. The bristles will get into all the corners and clean it up thoroughly.

Now that you know how to keep the garage clean, put these ideas into action and see the positive results yourself. When the garage is clean, it encourages you to spend more time on carpentering or mechanical work. A clean environment promotes interest and focus.





8 Tips To Make Your Room Look Bigger

file5351253071753Have you ever walked into your neighbour’s room and wondered how they have more space than you? When in fact, both your rooms are of the same dimensions? A room can be made to look smaller or bigger in no time. All it takes is some fresh ideas and rearrangement.

Stuck with a small room but want to make it look bigger? Worry no more. Here are a few simple tricks to make your room look bigger.

  1. Paint Light

Use light hues to paint your walls. Use a single colour through out to give the illusion of a big room. If you use different colours, it breaks up your room, thus making it look smaller.file7551347375723

  1. Pattern

Choose patterned wall paper or paint for your ceiling. When your ceiling has some design and is not left plain, it attracts attention and also makes the room look taller.

Use a rug with stripes. Ensure the stripes are placed vertically, to make your room look longer. Choose a simple double coloured stripes rather than multi colours, as it will make your room look cluttered

  1. Clutter Free

Free your room off clutter. Use furniture with storage space, to store all your knick knacks. Storing away your coasters, tissues, remotes, etc will keep the tables clean and give an illusion of more space. Also, when you have everything at arm’s reach, the illusion projected is, everything is in the room but there is no clutter, hence lot of space.

  1. Lighting

Lights can play a lot of tricks with the mind. Use bright lights either hanging low from the ceiling or use lamps of various heights. When there are no lights on your walls to show the limit or extent of the wall, it makes your room look bigger.

  1. Furniture Placement

Arrange your furniture away from the walls. When the furniture is stuck to the wall, though you will have more floor space, it makes the room look cluttered to the eyes. It shows the room is occupied to its fullest capacity. When there is space between the furniture and the wall, it makes the room look more spacious. You can make small shelves, low in height, which can fit in these gaps. This way, you can utilize the space but it will not be visible at first sight.

  1. Upholstery

Though there are a variety of curtains you can use to make your room look nice and elegant, curtains always occupy space. They also make the place look a little congested. Don’t use curtains and leave your windows free. There will be more light and space. If there is too much sun, use blinds rather than curtains.

  1. Furniture With Legs

Always use furniture with visible legs. Be it your couch or your table, when the legs are visible and there is space underneath, it makes the room look more spacious. Also, cleaning is a lot easier.

  1. Rugs

Use multiple small rugs rather than a big rug if your furniture is placed in angles, around the room. Have a separate rug for each of the furniture set. I believe grey contemporary rugs make your home feel uncluttered. This will break up the single space into multiple smaller spaces, thus making the room look bigger and copier.

There you have it, 8 simple ideas to make your room bigger. Use one or all to create a space that’s comfortable for you.


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